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   Company Brief

  Hangzhou Eastern Hydraulic Pressure Pneumatic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with over   many years of experience in producing pneumatic components, hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic and hydraulic   system projects. At present, we have our own production base and research and development organization.   Our company takes quality as our corporate life and is technology oriented. We have engaged a team of   technical personnel and senior technical advisers with rich experience. Depending on superior equipment   and perfect testing means, our products are complete in specifications and beautiful in appearance. We   have won trust of people from all circles with fine new appearance and quality products.
   The main products, which we can supply for you, are included as follows. Examine and press the hose ,   examine and press and connect, the manometer switch, Straining the oil machines of   different specifications, in charge of inserting etc.. Managing all kinds of posts to fill in the   pump, the pump of blade, the pump of gear wheel, Oil motor, electromagnetism reversing valves,   overflow and flow the valve, Choke valve, REXROTH, VICKERS series of hydraulic pressures components,   the hydraulic pressure station, strain oil machines, The manometer, empty filter, oil jar, air   cylinder, The electricity accuses of, accuse of the reversing valve angrily, the source of the gas is   dealt with and unites one three times, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pipeline are connected, PU's   trachea, the spiral shell stops up , the oil is sealed, Taiwanese, Japanese, Germany original   packaging hydraulic pressure, pneumatic components, angry to accuse of , electricity accuse of   cupboard, pump type, pipeline valve and  standard component, etc.
   Over the past several years, we have occupied certain market sales share in China through the efforts   constantly, and have already reached suitable business scale in this circle, enjoy relatively high   prestige. Now our company has built a large-scale warehouse in Hangzhou city, where there are a large   amount of spare parts in stock, Suitable for customer's urgent purchasing. In the same time, our   company can also offer various kinds of technical support for customers, if need.
   The management theory of our company maintains that " seeking survival with quality, working for and   developing with prestige".
   Our company is located at the famous city Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China. Our location is   easily accessible. Welcome new and old customers to our company.

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